Ekenäs Cricket Club was founded in May 2010. Our motto is A minutis glandes ad potens quercus (From tiny acorns grow huge oaks). We really like cricket.

Our cricket club is located in the Finnish seaside town of Ekenäs, about 90 kilometres from Helsinki and 110 km from Turku.

We are a registered sports association in Finland.

Our main purpose is to help introduce the world’s best game to Finland and more specifically the municipality of Raseborg, and have fun while doing it.

We train indoors from October-April and outdoors May-September. We participate in the Finnish Indoor League during the winter months and play exhibition games in the summer.

On this website you can find information about our team statistics, training and match schedules, cricket both in general and in Finland, and contact information for E.C.C.

We are always happy to welcome new members and anyone who simply wants to play a bit of cricket to our training sessions, whether they have played before or not!